Disable User Account Control

I for one, find Window’s User Account Control to be a nuisance. Does anyone actually like it? The first thing I always do on any PC running Windows is disable UAC.

BzzAgent Review

BzzAgent is an awesome program that lets you try out products for free. I figured it was a scam but turns out, its not. Check it out, it's pretty cool.

CloudFlare Review

I’ve heard of CloudFlare before, but never really looked into it. Here's my review of this service when I tried it out on my website.

Check Firefox Plugin Vulnerabilities

If you're using Firefox, you can easily check for plugin vulnerabilities. Firefox allows us to check all plugin updates needed - in just a few clicks.

Why You Need To Secure WordPress

Is your wordpress website secure? Attacks are inevitable but there are always steps we can take to stay safe. Learn how to set up defenses on your site.