ShareASale Review (For Publishers)

No affiliate network is perfect, and being a publisher can be stressful at times – with advertisers switching networks or even shutting down without warning. Just like any other Affiliate

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Powerwise 28115-G04

Powerwise Charger Not Working

I was recently asked if I could take a look at a Powerwise 28115-G04 charger to see if I might be able to fix it. After some research, I found out that they now supply one circuit board that replaces both circuit boards in the charger. After I got the part replaced, it started working again.

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Appen Butler Hill

My Honest Appen Review

Appen is a respectable online work-from-home company that handles digital projects from big tech companies like Google. I will share my honest review of Appen as both an independent contractor and employee.

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How to Convert PDF to MOBI

Have a PDF file and need to convert it to a MOBI? This is very simple to do, and I’ll show you how. In this example, I’ll be using pdf2mobi. This is completely free and requires no software installation.

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