Change Ubuntu Server Prompt Color

Sometimes when you spin up a new server, the color prompt will be the default bland color that blends with all the other text. We can switch this to make things easier to read in…

ShareASale Review (For Publishers)

No affiliate network is perfect, and being a publisher can be stressful at times - with advertisers switching networks or even shutting down without warning. Just like any other Affiliate Network, ShareASale has its pros…

Powerwise Charger Not Working

I was recently asked if I could take a look at a Powerwise 28115-G04 charger to see if I might be able to fix it. After some research, I found out that they now supply one circuit board that replaces both circuit boards in the charger. After I got the part replaced, it started working again.

My Honest Appen Review

Appen is a respectable online work-from-home company that handles digital projects from big tech companies like Google. I will share my honest review of Appen as both an independent contractor and employee.