How To Install Untangle

To recap on what Untangle is, check out my article – building a router using Untangle. Before trying to install, be sure you have the proper hardware requirements. After confirming the requirements, you can download the Untangle Software from their website.

Also needed, are two ethernet ports. One for the incoming connection and one for the outgoing connection. I prefer using the motherboards that already have two ports.

An Asus dual gigabit lan motherboard.

If you don’t have one available, you can get an extra NIC (Network Interface Card). If you’re going to run more than Untangle (Proxmox), you will need more than two ports.

A (NIC), network interface card.

Once you have two (or more) ports you will also need two (or more) Ethernet cables.

A cat6 ethernet cable.


Boot the disc with the ISO. Upon load, choose graphical install and hit enter.

Once the disc boots, select graphical install.

Select your language and hit continue in the bottom right corner.

Select language during the Untangle install.

Select your location (country) and hit continue.

Select your location during the Untangle install.

Choose your keyboard layout. Hit continue.

Configuring keyboard during Untangle install.

Wait for the CD to load components.

Wait for Untangle to load components from CD.

Select your time zone for the clock configuration. Hit continue.

Configure clock during Untangle install.

Review your system summary. If all is well, hit continue.

Review system before Untangle installation.

Be absolutely sure you want to install Untangle to the hard drive. This will erase any pre-existing data. If you’re good to go, select yes and hit continue.

Proceed with the Untangle system format.

Select yes to confirm partition changes to the disk. Hit continue.

Confirm the Untangle partition.

Wait for Untangle to install to the hard drive.

Wait for Untangle to install.

Once the installation is complete, a restart is required. Hit continue to restart. Untangle will now reboot into the initial setup and configuration.

Untangle will need to reboot after installation.

After the installation is complete, it’s time to configure the router. The configuration documentation can be found on UntangleWiki.

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