Backup and Restore Turbo Lister

At some point, you will need to backup and restore your Turbo Lister files from one place to another. This is a step-by-step process on how to backup or restore Turbo Lister.

MicroWorkers Review

MicroWorkers is a marketplace that provides micro jobs that you can complete for some extra income. Here’s my full review since I’ve signed up with MicroWorkers.

Amazon mTurk Review

I recently signed up for Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Marketplace. mTurk is a marketplace where workers can complete online tasks to earn income.

Free Antivirus Software

Here's a list of anti-virus programs that are completely free to use. Although free, they will not include all features of their upgraded (pro) versions.

How To Install Windows XP

After booting from the disk, wait for setup to begin. This can take up to a few minutes. Follow the on-screen directions. To setup Windows XP, press enter. To continue, you must agree to Microsoft’s…