YouTube Creator Academy

Did you know that YouTube offers a free Academy program for video creators? Whether you are new to creating videos or a long time video veteran, this might be a program for you to check out.

Accidental Personal Ad Clicks

Clicking on your own ads to gain money through your site is against Google’s policy. But what happens when you accidentally click an ad on your website?

How To Optimize SQL Database

Every once in a while it’s a good idea to optimize your website’s SQL database tables. This will ensure things are running at their full potential.

WordPress Permalink Structure

Search engines love links that provide keywords in the URLs. Selecting the correct permalink structure is one of the best ways you can increase SEO for your site.

How To Create Or Edit Robots.txt

A robots.txt file can easily be created from any text editor. Be sure to include your sitemap URL, user-agents, user-agent allows, and user-agent disallows.