Buy Cheap Printer Ink Online

The price of ink can get ridiculous. At retail stores like Best Buy and Walmart, just buying black ink alone could cost you $30 or more. Luckily, there are other alternatives when it comes to replenishing our ink needs.

There are many online stores that sell printer ink around 1/3 of the price that retail stores do. Instead of buying ink at retail price, how about buying it for $10 or less (inkfarm).  Plus, this usually includes free shipping and other great promotional deals.


Why is it so cheap?

These cartridges have been recycled. These companies will reuse cartridges by refilling and reselling them, without charging an arm and a leg. I was skeptical getting my first order online but when got it, I was very impressed. Here’s what you’ll be receiving.


Third Party Printer Ink


PC World did some tests on cartridges – OEM vs. Third Party


The Bottom Line on Printer Inks


Depending on your printer, you may be able to find cheaper, third-party inks that perform as well as or better than the brand-name stuff. In our study we found that third-party ink cartridges usually cost less and often yielded more prints than their manufacturer-made rivals. On the other hand, in most cases, we confirmed the printer manufacturers’ claims that their own inks produce better-looking images.


Deciding between brand-name and third-party alternatives depends in part on how you plan to use your prints. If you want high-quality color photos that future generations will be able to enjoy, then OEM inks are usually a better choice.


Many of us, however, don’t need the best ink supplies that money can buy. If your prints tend to be for one-time-only office presentations, text documents for school, or temporary color images (such as plain-paper photos), inks from third-party supplies may be a reasonable cost-saving option. And over the lifetime of your printer, cost savings from buying third-party inks can be considerable.


They couldn’t have said it any better. This ink is fine but if you are printing high quality pictures, you may want to buy retail. You can test this yourself since that article is from 2008 and the quality is most likely better now. I currently use third-party ink to print labels for eBay packages with no problems whatsoever. So, the next time you buy ink just remember – there are options.

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