Free Antivirus Software

Here's a list of anti-virus programs that are completely free to use. Although free, they will not include all features of their upgraded (pro) versions.

How To Install Windows XP

After booting from the disk, wait for setup to begin. This can take up to a few minutes. Follow the on-screen directions. To setup Windows XP, press enter. To continue, you must agree to Microsoft’s…

Build Your Own Router Using Untangle

Untangle is Linux based network gateway software that is free to use. You can turn an old PC into a fully functional router for your in-home network.

How To Install Windows 7

Here's a quick tutorial on how to install Windows 7. Before installing, be sure you back up any data on the drive and have your product key handy.

Disable User Account Control

I for one, find Window’s User Account Control to be a nuisance. Does anyone actually like it? The first thing I always do on any PC running Windows is disable UAC.