Default Usernames and Passwords for Routers

Default Usernames and Passwords for Routers

If you’re having trouble finding your router’s default username and password, hopefully this list can help. This reference will provide default router username and password variations for commonly used routers you may have – or come across.

Router Username

Some routers of the same manufacturer, but different models, may have a different variation username/password than its other models. For example, one Belkin router may have Username: admin and Password: admin, but a different Belkin router might have Username: [blank] Password: [blank]. If you find that one variation doesn’t work, simply try another.

Please note: In this list, [blank] means you will leave the entry “blank”.

Router Username Password
Apple [blank] password
Asus admin admin
Belkin admin, Admin, [blank] admin, password, [blank]
Cisco admin, cisco admin, cisco, [blank]
D-Link admin, [blank] admin, [blank]
Linksys admin, [blank] admin, [blank]
Netgear admin admin, 1234
SonicWall admin password
TP-Link admin admin
TRENDnet admin admin
Verizon admin password


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