MicroWorkers Review

MicroWorkers is a marketplace that provides micro jobs that you can complete for some extra income. Here’s my full review since I’ve signed up with MicroWorkers.

MicroWorkers Logo

MicroWorkers Logo

Much like mTurk, Microworkers is a marketplace that provides micro jobs that you can complete for some extra income. Here’s my full review since I’ve signed up with Microworkers. I will keep this updated and add anything new along way.


What exactly is Microworkers?

Very similar to mTurk, ClickWorker, and Cloud Crowd – Simple tasks need to be completed online by humans in exchange for compensation. Tasks vary from doing Google searches to liking a Facebook page. Once a task is complete it will be reviewed and you will compensated if done correctly. Doing micro jobs feels more like playing games than actually working. It’s pretty fun for doing actual work (if you can call it that).

MicroWorkers Jobs Screenshot


What’s great

Easy, quick sign up.

You can start immediately.

No skill assessments/tests needed to start.

Tasks are separated into different categories for easier filtering.

Every task is optional and you can see it before accepting.


What’s not so great

Right now there aren’t a whole lot of tasks available.

When first starting, you will have a limit on the amount of tasks you can do. You must wait until the tasks are rated. You must keep your success rating over 75% – and depending how fast tasks are rated, you could be waiting up to a week to continue any more tasks. This may sound confusing but it will make more sense when you see it.

Many of the tasks aren’t worth your time (too lengthy) to complete.

When requesting your first withdrawal, you must wait to receive a PIN number in the mail (received mine in 2 weeks) to verify account.

You must wait a couple of days to receive your payments when you request withdrawals.


End result

A screenshot of my payments from Microworkers.

The screenshot above is what I’ve earned so far. Once you get the hang of it you can fly through tasks, but again – there aren’t many (good) tasks to do since Microworkers hasn’t gained much attention yet. Either way, I definitely recommend this site to anyone looking for extra work. If you have any more questions about it, check out the FAQ. Looking for similar tasks? Check out my review on Amazon’s mTurk program.

20 thoughts on “MicroWorkers Review”

  1. That was a very nice payment dude..! But not for me. Its more than 1 month now since I havent got my requested withdrawal of $22.54. Yes, there are lots of task and right now I can see that I can make more than $5 a day for 2 hours work. But how will I work if they can’t even send me my first payment?

    I keep sending messages to them but keeps on ignoring me.

    1. I have been waiting over 3 months for my payment of $99.42. I accidentally keyed in the wrong Paypal e mail address when requesting a payment in February. When I e mailed Microworkers they said there was nothing they could do to pay me my money unless I asked Paypal to refund it. I immediately telephoned Paypal who confirmed the amount would be refunded to Microworkers 28 days later if it remained unclaimed. The e mail address I entered did not actually exist so I knew the money would be refunded to them. I contacted Paypal 6 weeks later and they e mailed Microworkers on my behalf confirming the payment had been refunded. I have since sent four support tickets asking why they are not paying me my money but they have ignored every one. When I contacted Paypal yesterday to tell them I still have not been paid they said the only thing left for me to do was report them for theft. So I say good luck to you if you manage to make some money out of Microworkers but I will never use their site again after what they have done to me and I would advise anyone else to approach them with extreme caution.

  2. Im confused.

    Since I joined Microworkers about 1 week ago, I’ve completed 100 basics tasks and have a 96% actual success rate. However, when I try to complete any more tasks, it just goes to the Success rate screen instead of submitting the proof for the task.

    The FAQ says that you need to have at least a 75% success rate at all times to get tasks, so do you know why this happens?

    Many employers seem to take a long time to rate the tasks and automatically rating doesn’t happen until at least 168 hours after the task was completed.

    1. This same thing happened to me when I first started. On the success rate page it says “If you have submitted more than 40 tasks in period of 60 days and your Success rate goes below 75% you will not be able to submit tasks for 1-30 days.” Basically it means that you did too many in too short of time (from what I understand). At this point you have to wait it out. It’s like a cooldown period. After a month or two this will stop happening. I’m not even sure why they do this… It’s very annoying for newcomers.

      1. I see.

        So even when my temporary success rate reaches 75% would I still not be able to submit any more tasks, as it requires waiting 1-30 days?

        When they say that about the success rate going below 75% and not being able to submit tasks for 1-30 days, I thought they were referring to the actual success rate, not the temporary success rate because when you start out, your temporary success is low because you need to wait until employers rate your tasks, so the temporary success rate doesn’t go below 75% in the way they describe as it’s already below that from the outset.

        1. Right, once you hit 75% you can’t submit any more tasks. The amount of time you have to wait depends on how quick the employers rate. Some will rate the day after, others will rate a week after you finish a task. If some of your tasks are rated and you get to 76%, that would allow you to do maybe 2-3 tasks until it drops to 75% again. It’s tough having to wait around for the employers all the time. They need to take out the cooldown period, or maybe lower it to 50%.

        2. I really don’t understand why it’s done this way. It would be better if the amount of tasks you can do is determined by your actual success rate instead of the temporary success rate.

          Do you know of any alternative sites to Microworkers that can be used by people worldwide, not just US only?

          I’ve searched on Google for alternatives, but most of them seem to be scam sites such as Dollars Income or Short Task. Or sites which almost no one visits.

        3. The only alternative I currently know of – that is International, is Clickworker. It’s tough finding actual legitimate paying websites that don’t make you feel like you’re wasting time on. I’m hopefully going to be adding more reviews about other sites like Microworkers because I have a feeling we’re going to start seeing a lot more of these type of sites and I want to weed out the good from the bad.

        4. How many tasks per day do you usually complete on Microworkers now that you’ve been working there a few months?

          I find that many of the tasks listed I’ve already done already. For example, many of the sign up tasks are for signing up to SFI, and you can only sign up to the same website once. The same with a lot of the search tasks also.

          Plus other tasks such as the Twitter tasks have lots of requirements which require you to have a certain number of followers, etc… so I can’t do them.

        5. I’m not on Microworkers too much these days so I rarely drop to 75%. When I’m on there I usually just stick to the click-search tasks and my favorite category is writing an article. Those have the best payouts especially considering you only have to write about 3 sentences.

        6. On the success rate screen, it says that tasks which were rated as non satisfied eventually drop out of the list.

          Do you know how long this takes to happen?

          I had 2 tasks rated as not satisfied even though I followed the employers instructions. I submitted a complaint, but they haven’t been changed.

          I read that there is going to be a feature on the beta version where you can resubmit tasks within a certain time period. It seems like this feature would help a lot.

        7. I’m not exactly sure how long the non-satisfied tasks show. I had some from 3 months ago that don’t show up now – they do still show under reputation, though. I had a non-satisfied task where I did exactly what I was supposed to and the employer comment didn’t even make sense… I submitted a complaint but don’t think I had ever gotten paid for it. I’ve wondered if submitting complaints just helps them locate employers that are trying to scam workers.

        8. Does this mean that even once the non satisfied tasks drop off the list, it will still have an effect on the current success rate percentage?

        9. No, luckily it won’t affect the success rate. It will only affect the reputation percentage so employers can pick certain workers for hire group tasks.

        10. For the “Facebook like” tasks, the employer says to ensure your FB profile is set to public.

          However, after I’ve liked a page then I view my Facebook profile when im not logged into Facebook, I don’t see the like listed on the profile page.

          Do you know why this is? In the privacy settings on FB, I’ve set it to public as it is on that setting by default.

          I guess that the employer needs to see the like on the FB profile to verify that the task has been done correctly.

        11. When logged in to Facebook, find your likes and click manage at the top-right of the box. Select edit privacy. Make sure “other” is set to public. When logged out of Facebook, you will be able to see your “other” likes listed. These likes will include the “Facebook like” tasks.

        12. Where do it show the likes when logged into FB?

          Once I’ve logged in, there is an option in the left sidebar called “Like Pages” but when I click that it just has suggestions on what pages to like, but doesn’t show the sites and pages which I’ve liked.

        13. When logged in, go to your timeline. All your likes should be on the left hand side. When you like something, it will be categorized automatically. You might see your likes categorized as movies, games, sports, etc. The task likes should show up in “Likes”. This category is just for the ones that don’t have a specific category to go in so it throws them in this one. If your likes aren’t showing at all, I’m not sure what the problem could be.

  3. The website can be a good source of a little pocket money for students and work-at-home moms. You don’t need to have any special skills/talents to be a part of this platform.The tasks are very simple and easy, and it doesn’t take much time to complete these tasks. Some tasks like Facebook like, Twitter retweet, YouTube like/comment etc. can be done by anyone in the blink of an eye. To conclude, the website is definitely a site worth checking out.

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