What is WebAnswers?

What is WebAnswers?


Ask a question, get an answer? One day, I had stumbled upon WebAnswers and I was very impressed with what they were doing – offering incentives to people answering questions. Just what I had always hoped Yahoo Answers would do – and even though WebAnswers is still in beta (at this time), it’s showing great potential.
A screenshot of WebAnswers  Alexa rating.

How can you earn money?

I’m still new to this website but I’m excited to start earning some money (hopefully). Oh wait, but how can you actually earn money? Well, to be eligible you need to answer at least 50 questions. Once complete, you can link your Google AdSense account (or create one). You can start earning a percentage from ads placed around your answered/awarded questions. Here’s how it works.

How does WebAnswers work?

Another way of earning some extra income from this website is by using their referral program. If you start referring others and they earn some income from WebAnswers, you will receive a percentage of that as well. Plus, you can even receive a percentage of ad impressions on all direct traffic from your links. Want to know more? Check out their Frequently Asked Questions.

Final thoughts

For quite some time, I always wondered why Yahoo Answers never implemented a payment system for people that answered (or were awarded) questions. They have such a huge user base that not having an incentive program is kind of a slap in the face for all its dedicated users answering questions. If you’re a heavy Yahoo Answers user, you may want to try out WebAnswers instead.

Will you get rich using this website? No… but it’s definitely a place that you can potentially earn some extra income. Since I’m still new to this website, I’ll be probably be writing a review in the near future.

Note: In this article, I have placed my WebAnswers affiliate links.



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WebAnswers has always been a legitimate source of earning revenue. It has had a long and successful presence online. However, as with everything in life, things change. WebAnswers has had many problems building and it appears they have come to a head during 2015. The vast majority of all members have left the site. New members still join, but barely at 5% per day of what used to sign up, and more than a third of all new member signups never post any content. They leave as fast as they join anyway. The site was mostly down through all of… Read more »