Manage Netflix Video Quality

Manage Netflix Video Quality

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Have you been experiencing problems with your Netflix quality? There is actually a setting that might help get your quality to where it should be.

There have been many times that I have watched Netflix on my Xbox. I noticed that when watching certain things, the quality would be very unpredictable. Sometimes, the quality would drop so bad to the point that I didn’t even want to finish watching it.

This problem stumped me. I always figured it was a network issue or something along those lines. I was seeing these issues even during speed tests that I was pulling in 10-15Mbps from my ISP (Internet Service Provider). I tried everything I could to maybe fix the problem… but never got it. I had given up on this problem thinking it would never be fixed.

The other day I was in my Netflix account checking out the new profile creation. I went to Your Account and noticed something I’ve never noticed before. I saw a setting to Manage Video Quality. Apparently Netflix added this feature in 2011 but I must have missed that.


Manage Quality


If you click on Manage Video Quality, you can choose the bandwidth (usage) allowed. Some ISPs have monthly usage caps and Netflix lets you decide on what you need.


Netflix Quality


Since changing this setting, I haven’t had any quality issues. If you are experiencing quality issues, you might want to change this setting to best quality. Just be sure that your Internet Service Provider doesn’t have a monthly usage cap because this could cause issues if you watch a lot of Netflix.



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