How To Capture And Edit A Screenshot

Whether it be for a memorable moment or for proof – screenshots can always come in handy. First thing needed, is to get set up for the shot. Although the screenshot can be edited, it’s easier to try and not include anything unwanted.

Once you’re ready, hold Ctrl and press Print Screen on your keyboard. This will save the screenshot into the clipboard. Just as if you had copied text. Now that the screenshot has been saved to the clipboard, we have to paste it into a graphic editor. Note: An alternate way to take a screenshot is Alt and Print Screen. This will take a screenshot of the application currently open (instead of your screen’s dimensions).

If using Microsoft’s paint, you can simply hold Ctrl and press V on the keyboard to paste in the screenshot.

If using Photoshop, hit File > New and choose the Preset “Clipboard”. Photoshop will automatically choose the dimensions of the screenshot which can then be pasted in by holding Ctrl and hitting V on the keyboard. Here’s an example of what the settings in Photoshop may look like.


Photoshop Preset


After the image is pasted you can edit it however you want. When saving, I recommend saving as a png file. Note: Taking screenshots in games only requires pressing the Print Screen key. Depending on what game you’re playing, screenshots will save in different file locations.



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