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There are many mixed reviews with Vonage, but I’ve had the service for over 2 years and have been quite happy with it. Here is my review of Vonage.

What makes Vonage so different? First of all, Vonage uses VoIP service. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and simply means instead of using a traditional phone line, it is transferred over the internet. Note: You will need high-speed internet to use Vonage. Vonage Install


What’s great

It’s VoIP service. VoIP itself can be great. It’s a step up from using traditional phone lines.

Vonage is willing to do almost anything to get your service. They will transfer your existing line from the old company to theirs without you having to do absolutely anything. There is no installation fee either, it’s quick and easy. Also, when signing up, they sent me a free phone adapter (claimed to be valued at $80).

What is the Vonage phone adapter?

There are many calling plans and add-ons to choose from – for both residential and business.

Every phone plan provides you with tons of features and settings. You have complete control over everything and it can all be done online – it’s basically a command center.

Vonage provides tutorials and forums online – if any problems occur.


What’s not so great

VoIP (phone and connection) needs constant power. If there’s a power outage, the phone won’t work.

Just like VoIP needs constant power, it also needs a constant internet connection. If the internet goes out – you will have no service. If you have an unreliable internet provider/connection, using VoIP is not a great idea.

Even though your phone plans might start cheap, they end up costing way more once all other fees (taxes) are added in. My estimated monthly charges are always $22.98 but I end up paying $42.98 after taxes are added in. I have 2 lines – 12.99/month and 9.99/month (SoftPhone).

A screenshot of Vonage payment.


Final thoughts

Vonage isn’t for everyone but it can be a nice (upgrade) change from a traditional phone line. You will have to set this up yourself – but if you aren’t much of a tech person, you may want to avoid this service. If this looks like a service you might be interested in, I say try it out. Do you have more questions about Vonage? View their FAQs.