What is Clickworker?


ClickworkerClickworker is an online-based workflow system. What that means is, there are companies that have tasks that need to be complete by humans. Clickworker hires workers willing to complete tasks through its online system and workers get paid per task completed. It’s completely free to sign-up and there’s no fees. Payments will be sent directly to a worker’s PayPal account.

When you first signup, you need to complete as much of your profile as you can. Then, you need to fill out all of your contact details – even your phone number, so they can verify you. Once you’ve been verified, you’ll be invited to take the Clickworker assessments. If passed, you’ll further be invited to Clickworker’s UHRS marketplace. The UHRS marketplace is where all of the tasks are – and this is where you will make money. Tasks are always available, they always vary, and new ones are always added.

Clickworker UHRS Marketplace

Once you’re in the UHRS marketplace, you can work all you want, on any task type. However, before you start on a certain task, you must complete the qualification. The qualification is simply what the task is. You must pass the qualification to continue that certain task. Each task even provides guidelines on how to complete it. If you read and understand the guidelines, you should have no trouble passing the qualifications. And note here that you’re doing this all by yourself. You have no managers, no supervisors – it’s all pretty much automated.

Once you start on tasks just know that the system that’s in place does check for spam answers. You can’t cheat your way through tasks. You if start to do poorly on a task, you will be notified and kicked out of that task with a cool-down period.

So far I’ve been working with the UHRS marketplace for about a month now – I haven’t even put in a lot of hours, and I’ve made around $85. If you’re willing to work it’s a great opportunity – this is a place where you can actually earn a decent extra income.

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