Free Online Programming Courses

Free Programming Courses

Free Programming Courses

By no means will you acquire any degrees through these programs but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try them out and see what programming is all about. The information is out there – freely available, and you can learn quite a bit on your own.

Why should I consider learning about programming?

There is already a large demand for programmers and that is only going to increase.

You can do all kinds of things with programming. It could lead to great jobs and even new inventions. Inventions that you can create.

The opportunity is there, given to us for free – all you have to do is take the next step and start learning. has pushed Hour of Code to give everyone the chance to learn the basics of how computer programming works. This experience is meant to teach the complete basics of how coding works and allow us to easily understand the underlying fundamentals.



Codecademy allows anyone the chance to learn how to code interactively for free. You can learn HTML, PHP, Python, and more. I would definitely recommend checking these out, even if you are completely new to programming. Jump right in and start learning!


Code Combat

Codecombat has a great concept – learn how to code by playing a game. Even though this website has been mostly beta testing, it has done a great job so far. We will most likely see more to come from this website, and I can’t wait.


Khan Academy

With Khan Academy, you can learn the fundamentals of programming with the popular JavaScript language and ProcessingJS library. Write your own programs, share them, explore programs made by others, and learn from each other’s programs.



Udemy is your place to learn anything, anytime, anywhere – but in this case, programming. There are some great free courses and also some paid ones too. If you take an interest in buying a course – wait until they send you an email with a discount (they do this often).


Directories with lectures and material


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Did I miss anything? Please, leave a comment if you would like me to add any other sites/directories to this list. Just remember, they must have free courses available.