How Do Bloggers Make Money?

How do bloggers make money?

How do bloggers make money?

These days, blogging has become an everyday term. Many people are blogging or want to start blogging. But is it worth it? I mean, writing an endless amount of articles – for what? Is it going to pay off in the end? The answer can only be maybe. There are a lot of artists in the world but not all are successful. Unfortunately, the same goes for blogging. It could be a hit or miss… and not everyone is going to make money blogging – just keep that in mind.


Blogging structure

Whether it be fashion, technology, cars, etc. – everyone has their hobbies and that special something that they love. Bloggers typically write about what they know and love. This will naturally attract others with related interests. Depending on how well the blogger’s content is, they could be receiving thousands of views a month, week, or day. Based on content activity and quality – is how and when bloggers might start making money.


Making money with advertising

One form of a blogger’s income can be received through advertising. There are various advertising programs out there but Google AdSense is the most well known and trusted. These programs basically work by generating a relevant ad during a viewer’s visit to the website. If a viewer were to click on the ad, the website hosting the ad gets compensated. The compensation is based from bids coming through Google AdWords.

Google’s AdSense and AdWords work intermittently with each other.


Google AdWords

AdWords – Publishers (people who have products/services) bidding on how much they want to spend for their ads to show.


Google AdSense

AdSense – Marketers placing ads on their websites. The ads come directly from AdWords. Google makes it easy for marketers to display ads that are automatically relevant to each viewer – increasing the chances for the ad to be clicked.


It could take quite a long time to see any money coming through advertising. When you do start seeing ad clicks, they might be very low amounts. I have seen many ad clicks worth 1 cent!


Making money with affiliates

Bloggers don’t always have to rely on advertising. A big money maker can be affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing/Referral programs are absolutely perfect for bloggers. It provides a great alternative to regular advertising.

Rakuten Linkshare

Commission Junction
Affiliate marketing provides a chance for publishers to earn commissions by referring others to products and services. Bloggers can connect with viewers by providing valuable content while using affiliate marketing to generate sales. Since bloggers will be writing about topics they know about, they can legitimately refer others to products/services they know and trust. If you would like to dig deeper into what affiliate marketing is, you can check out my article – What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Final thoughts

If you want to get into blogging for the money, just remember it can take awhile to see any results – and you may not see any at all. It may be a better idea to start blogging as a hobby to see how well it turns out. Try to focus on the content – not the income.