The Ultimate WordPress Update Service Ping List

WordPress allows us to set a custom update service list or, ping list, on our website. You should be taking full advantage of this opportunity. To read more about update services, check out this WordPress Update Services article.


Wordpress Update Services


You can use all of these or pick and choose. Just copy and paste into the update services section in Settings > Writing. If you choose not to allow pings, you can leave this blank. This list is in alphabetical order and I will continue to update this list if/when needed. If you don’t want to use the update service, there are other options listed below.


Here are some of the update services you can manually submit your site to. They will automatically deploy (ping) your website to other sites.


Blog Buzzer
Blog Ping Tool
Feed Shark
Google Blog Search
My Page Rank
Ping Farm
Ping My Blog
Ping My Url


There are various Ping plugins that are available to help control pings without having to worry about being considered as spam for too many pings. Check out WordPress Ping Optimizer, Auto Ping Booster, and Ping List Pro for more information. If there is anything that needs changed or you would like to see added, please let me know. Like I said, I will keep this updated.


Other notes

Many people say it’s not good to use a lot of ping services because you might be considered as spam if you’re pinging too much. I’m no expert on this, I can’t say whether that’s true or not. You’ll have to use your own judgement here.

If you’re using the Jetpack plugin, you may want to disable the enhanced distribution feature if using update services. I can’t find much about what the feature does, but I’m guessing it does the same thing. I use a couple of update services and the enhanced distribution feature (all seems well).