What Are Promo Codes?

Be sure to check for promo codes on each online purchase you make. You could be saving a fortune.

Every time you order an item online, you usually have the opportunity to use a promotional code for a discount. You probably always see it lingering at the bottom of the checkout but never think twice about it. Well, you really should. Companies are constantly throwing around promotional savings and sometimes shoppers will miss out on them if they don’t see them advertised.

Take a look at Amazon’s promotional code entry on their checkout. Look familiar? Many people are unaware of the savings they can get when ordering products online. Sometimes we can get lucky with these promo codes, other times we can’t.

Promo Code

Here’s an example of how I made good use of a promo code. Gamefly had a weekend deal to get Bioshock and Bioshock 2 on PC for $4.99. I did a quick Google search of Gamefly promo codes and found a code that made my purchase $3.99. Yeah, not much saved but at least it was something. The fact that I was able to save even more on an already cheap deal is amazing.

The next time you make an online purchase try searching for a promo code before you checkout. You can simply do a Google search and find sites like retailmenot, techbargains, and bradsdeals. Don’t get your hopes up though, sometimes there’s no codes to use.